" exceptional work... This erudite, idiosyncratic book more than earns a place on the library shelf. Highly recommended. - Choice Library Journal

"...a lucid exploration of modern scientific history... a unique synthesis" - Graham Harman

"...provocative and sharply written... makes a radical case..." - Brian Rotman

A philosophical critique of the cosmological physics behind big bang theory and the scientific understanding of our universe.

Metaphysical Experiments: Physics and the Invention of the Universe from University of Minnesota Press is now available worldwide



IAI sits down with Bjørn Ekeberg ahead of HowTheLightGetsIn festival in June 2022 to ask about the problems with the current science of cosmology.

Click the article image to read the full interview (ca 11 min read).

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Where is Physics Going? A Public Debate at How The Light Gets In ideas festival

Bjørn debates theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder and experimentalist Sam Henry on whether the current paradigm of physics is stuck. How The Light Gets In, London, UK, September 2021. Moderated by Philip Ball.



Read by almost 70,000 online, Bjørn's op-ed outlines some conclusions from the book and questions the orthodoxy of Big Bang theory.

The article was denounced by a Big Bang cosmologist in Forbes.

Read Bjørn's reply on this blog.



Philosopher of Science

PhD, University of Victoria, Canada
Bjørn is a polymath from Oslo, Norway. 

With extensive education and outstanding international scholarship in the fields of journalism, media & communication theory, cybernetics, science and technology studies, political science, economics, philosophy, and history of thought, he is an unorthodox thinker who likes to challenge the unquestionable.

Bjørn's enduring focus of interest is on the limits of scientific knowledge and his  published work is on cosmology and our understanding of the universe.

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"No progress can be made in the philosophy of science
if the whole settlement is not discussed at once
in all its components: ontology, epistemology,
ethics, politics, and theology."

Bruno Latour