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Original Scandinavian Drama

BJØRN EKEBERG writes and creates high-end scripted drama and has a special affinity for thrillers with contemporary relevance.

He co-wrote the award-winning drama series VALKYRIEN for NRK and Channel 4, named on both New York Times and BBC's Top 10 list in 2017, and currently in remake in the UK as Temple, for Sky.

His popular Nordic noir crime drama series BORDERLINER (“Grenseland”) for Netflix, TV 2 Norway, SVT and Sky Deutschland was nominated for the Nordic Script Prize at Gothenburg film Festival in 2018.

In development is international WWII dark epic QUISLING, and contemporary psychological thriller series INHUMAN ("Umenneske").

With more than a decades's experience from North America, Bjørn writes fluently in Norwegian and English and works professionally in Danish, Swedish and German. He has practical experience as showrunner and as director.

VALKYRIEN (NRK original series)
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